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First Class Behaviours for First World Nations. Public behaviour in Singapore

The Stages of Psychosocial Development According to Erik H. Erikson
12,99 €

Computer Science
Design and Implementation of a Model to Predict the Success of the Bank Telemarketing
12,99 €

American Studies
Toni Morrisson: The Bluest Eye
12,99 €

Nutritional Science
Eating Right with Hemochromatosis. A Diet Guide for Reducing Iron
4,99 €

Computer Science
Moving Object Detection Using Background Subtraction Algorithms
13,99 €

Systems and Processes Defined by the Substances Matter, Energy, and Information in the Existing Forms Space, Time, and Causality

Quantum Mechanics. Basic Concepts, Mathematical Structure and Applications
39,99 €

The Stanford Prison Experiment
12,99 €

Latest texts

How can Fashion Brands Enhance Value and Life-Span Extension of Products? An Exploratory Study of Circular Economy in Regard to the Economic Viability of Product Life-Span Extension
34,99 €

Attitudes and self-efficacy of Jamaican teachers towards inclusion after co-teaching in an inclusive classroom
16,99 €

The Economy for the Common Good and Its Enemies
14,99 €

Most read

A Short Introduction to the Kashmir Issue

Impact of Facebook Usage on Students Academic Performance
16,99 €

Effects of instrumental materials on student's academic performance. Social studies in selected secondary schools in Nigeria
12,99 €

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