Quality guidelines

Quality Guidelines

Guidelines for publishing with GRIN

Texts we publish:

You can submit all kinds of academic writing, regardless of its field and date of creation, for example

  • Assignments and Term Papers
  • Bachelor, Master and Diploma Theses
  • Dissertations / PhD Theses
  • Scientific articles
  • Essays, presentations and analyses
  • Lesson Plans
  • Textbooks / Specialized books
  • Lecture notes and exam preparations

Texts we do not accept:

  • Poetry / verse
  • Fiction (novels),
    children’s books
  • Cookbooks
  • Encyclopedias etc.

However, please feel free to let us know if you have written such work. We’ll be able to recommend an adequate publisher.

Style requirements:

  • We can only publish complete texts. Please upload texts including cover, outline/contents, all images and graphics, bibliography and, if necessary, the annex.
  • Please only upload your original Word / Open/LibreOffice / RTF?document. PDF files are accepted in most cases, too.
  • The margins on the left and right side of your text should be exactly the same (at least 1.5 cm). Please center your page numbers.

Content requirements:

  • If the text was graded, the grade must be at least “satisfactory” / C.
  • The text must be spellchecked and grammatically correct.
  • All sources (including image sources) have to be quoted correctly.
  • If your text contains interviews, your interview partners must have agreed to the publication. If the text contains business secrets or other corporate information, the respective companies must agree to the release.
  • Your text must not contain any sensitive data, mind this especially in lesson plans or internship reports. Names and dates may be rendered anonymous.